Wedding Dress

Hi All!

I’m sure you haven’t noticed my lack of postings…. BUT in case you have.

I got married on August 1, 2013! It was amazing! I had a great week and the wedding of my dreams.  I have always wanted something very intimate, and we were able to get just that.  I personally don’t care for frills and fuss for such an important event in the lives of young people. — stepping off my soapbox 😉

Yes. I made my dress! When I said I was on a mission to make ALL my clothes in 2013, my wedding dress was included in that pledge!

I made Simplicity 1651 again.  This time I used a top layer, underlining and regular lining.  It was a LOT of material and kinda hot, but I loved it.  The total cost for materials was about $40.  I got all my material from Joann Fabrics and I bought waaaay too much material.  There was about 1/2 yd left of the underlining and lining, but the there was almost nothing left of the top layer. I got 2 1/2 yds of all three layers and used a 50% off coupon.  I wanted to link to it, but I cannot seem to find it.

Detail of the top layer

I was not thinking clearly when I was cutting and making the dress. If I was, I would have taken pictures of how I cut and assembled.  The “Anchors Away” dress was a wearable muslin for fit.  I made two small alterations to the dress.  I took off the back bars and shortened the straps about 2″ for a better fit for my narrow back.  The dress fit FABULOUSLY!



I added a ribbon for a touch of color and to tie in DH’s suit.  He loved my dress and was shocked that it only took about 5 hours to make.



And of course I had to get my jumping shot in!


I really hope you enjoyed my post.  I wanted to share my day with everyone – albeit over a month later. 🙂 No one believed that I made this dress.   It is my favorite to date – too bad I cant wear it somewhere else lol – or can I? Just kidding.  I’m really considering making this in black for an LBD version, but then it will be the THIRD time that I made this pattern… IDK stay tuned.

PS – Flowers and shoes!

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