Hi, See, I promised that I wouldn't be gone for too long! What do I have for you today? A book bag! YAY!  I was in desperate need of a new book bag.  My old one was okay, but the construction was shotty and the straps were starting to come off. It was a Steve … Continue reading Rosie

Misszurib, where have you been?

HI!!! We missed YOU! It seems as if I've been MIA for quite some time?  Truth is, I was just taking a "Christmas Break"... It turned into a let's-make-everyone-a-present-and-not-take-good-pictures-and-make-a-bunch-of-undocumented-clothes break. 🙂 Now, I wish I could go back in time and fix that, but I can say that I will try to do better. MAYBE? … Continue reading Misszurib, where have you been?