See, I promised that I wouldn’t be gone for too long!

What do I have for you today? A book bag! YAY!  I was in desperate need of a new book bag.  My old one was okay, but the construction was shotty and the straps were starting to come off.

It was a Steve Madden bag kinda like this one.  It was made out of a type of flower print corduroy.

I decided that it was time to overcome my irrational fear of accessory making… To me, it seemed as if it had so many parts!  And that it did. Ugh.  Maybe like 15?  It took about an hour just to cut it out!

I made McCalls 6410.  Initially, this was a tester/muslin, but it turned out so great that I went all out on my detailing.  I used view D.  It has a “mini book bag” with a little velcro-ed flap.  The flap is just big enough and secure enough for 3 x 5 index cards.  Next time I make it, I will either use a longer strip of velcro, use a magnetic strip, or add a super cute button.  The 1″ suggested velcro is not enough for me.

The bag is fully lined

I added piping to the mini bag for interest.  To be honest, I forgot as I was sewing the rest of the bag, but then I didn’t know where I would even put it anyway…  I also added a little pocket for lip stuff and a mirror on the inside of the main bag.

I thought it was a bit strange that the outer “mini book bag” was just top stitched into place, but after inspection of other bags, that’s just how it’s sewn.  I love this “mini book bag”.  It is sewn up the same way the larger bag is sewn and it is big enough to hold pens, pencils cell phones, charger and yarn.

Inside the “mini book bag”

The book bag isn’t tiny, but it isn’t large.  Big enough to hold a rather large textbook, iPad, folder, iPad keyboard, notebook, wristlet wallet, knitting project… Ok, lol I guess it’s pretty roomy.  I love that!  Next time I make it, I think I will make the gusset wider so it can hold more.

I made a few alterations to the original design.  As I said earlier, I added some piping. I was rather uneasy about the stationary straps, so I took the hardware off the original book bag and added it to my version.  I bought a small amount of a deep red vinyl to hold the hardware.  I also wanted to put little feet on the bottom.  No purpose, just for cute points.

Little Feet!

I didn’t wish to look for horsehair interfacing, so the lady at Joann suggested I just use batting.  I have a lot of batting and it worked out just fine.

Thanks for reading!

– Z

P.S. I went to the BurdSatyle, Love Sewing launch party this week.  I had so much fun! I got to meet the editing director of BurdaStyle US, Denise Wild! She is a very nice person and is really passionate about her work.  She just released a book and two DVDs.  Congrats Denise!

B5982 and New Look 6194


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