Addicted to McCall’s M6754

Hi all!

Guess who graduated a few weeks ago?  I’ll give you a few minutes to figure it out…

Here’s a booklet as a clue…

It was rather hefty, but THIS and two others equal in size are part of the reason for my absence.  I had fun during my internship and I learned a lot about myself and where I stand in relation to the world around me..

Have you figured it out yet?

ME! That’s why I’ve was absent.  I’ve been sewing, but with no time to take pictures, you just have to believe me!

It says, “I’m done. Turn down for what?!”

Times Square









My phone died so I wasn’t able to take pictures from inside 😥 but it was at Radio City Music Hall! We made it to the Marquee!  Here I’m wearing McCalls M6754 in a leopard sequin. It was so flashy!!! But I’m still picking up sequins off the floor of my apartment…

I think I picked up McCall’s M6754 last spring, but I recently found it.  I needed a quick dress to wear to work and I figured it looked pretty straight-forward and I could whip a rather quick dress out of it. WOW! I have made two peplum tops and three dresses with the pattern thus far.  I have made myself a new personal challenge: make this dress at least once a month!  Simple enough!

Sewn in an abstract double knit

Its so cute and goes well with most of my daily needs.  The circle skirt is very figure flattering.  The dress sews up in less time than it takes to pick the material!  I LOVE this pattern.  I think the top is a great place for someone who is looking to start sewing apparel, they want to log some practice time but they don’t want to use too much material.

The first one I sewed in a dark red double knit


I also like that there are endless possibilities to accessorize this dress. I usually go for a sweater and belt.  A solid dress is the perfect foundation for loads of accessories.  I love the red dress with a black sweater and this bow.


Here are some more outfits I came up with for this dress:

Rocking night out

Date look

Casual office look

I did have to make some adjustments for my incredibly short torso.  I raised the waist about 5/8″, I add that length to the bottom of the skirt.  I also raised the neckline and back line approximately 1″ from its lowest for better coverage in the front and bra coverage in the back.  Its still low, but I feel more comfortable wearing it.  I went 1″ above the cutting line and tapered it to the original cutting line as I went on.  Sorry, I forget to take “in action” photos.  Also, for the leopard version, I lined it as the sequins were rather uncomfortable directly against my skin.

I don’t have any pictures of the tops as I used them for fitting muslins, but I have worn them a few times.

I love this pattern, and its going down as a TNT! Yay!!!!!!


PS – Thanks to Google, you can see my dress in semi motion 🙂 Enjoy!

Working Hard!

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