Peachy Keen

Happy New Year!  I have been hidden for the past few months because I moved to D.C. and got a new job! Moving and starting work was so tiring, but I still managed time to sew! I have made quite a few things since moving. Here’s a quick update:


I will talk about the other sewing projects from last year later.  Today, I want to talk about New Look 6223. The first time I made this dress was with Joann’s houndstooth suiting and the second time, I made it with’s Peach Skin material. Both dresses are a go to and if it wasn’t so obvious that I was making 100 of the same dress, I would… I have yet to try the pain/non pleated bodice version.


The second version did not photograph well because of the low light at my parents house and the fabric really hides the details when photographed. At any rate, take my word for it when I say that they are the same pattern. I decided to name this version “Peachy Keen” and it is the first dress I made in 2015!

I chose to style the second version with a jacket from an Simplicity 2345. I got this pattern so long ago, I’m almost certain its out of print. More on that later :).

I hope to find more time to sew this year. I still have not bought anything (except a coat) since November 2012 and I hope to continue that this year!

That’s all for now,

– Z

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