Merry Christmas!

Hello there, This Christmas, I decided to do as handmade as possible. Aside from the gifts for my 4 coworkers, I made everyone's presents. Oh, where shall I begin? Pajamas #squadgoals       I made my dad and nephews matching deer pajamas. They are Simplcity 1504. I made my brother-in-law this bow tie top. … Continue reading Merry Christmas!

I DEER you to Find Something Cuter

Hello There! Since moving to Maryland, my parents have become obsessed with the MILLIONS of deer that happily prance around on people's yards around here. As a joke, I wanted to make them deer sheets for the guest bed. A few weeks before Thanksgiving, JoAnn was having a MASSIVE sale on Flannel and/or I had … Continue reading I DEER you to Find Something Cuter