I DEER you to Find Something Cuter

Hello There!

Since moving to Maryland, my parents have become obsessed with the MILLIONS of deer that happily prance around on people’s yards around here. As a joke, I wanted to make them deer sheets for the guest bed. A few weeks before Thanksgiving, JoAnn was having a MASSIVE sale on Flannel and/or I had a 60% off coupon. I scooped up 9 yards of their “Buck Silhouette” fabric <can’t seem to get a link>, and a few yards of the solid black.


Anyway, I made a set of pajamas for my dad and nephews, because, why not have all three of them match!

For my dad and older nephew, I used Simplicity 1504. For my youngest nephew, I used the Lazy Day Pajamas Sewing Pattern, by Blank Slate Patterns. For all three, I used 5/8″ heavy duty snaps from Amazon. I don’t care too much for repairing buttons, so I installed these snaps, as I know these shirts will get a lot of use. I asked my dad how he felt about the snaps vs the buttons and he had no complaints! From now on – snaps it shall be.

simplicity 1504

Meh, this pattern gets on my nerves, yet, EVERY YEAR I MAKE MY FATHER ONE. He loves the long sleeves and the pocket. I don’t like how crazy large it is where the wrist is. I make him an XL even though he could prob fit into the L. He just likes how it fits – so that is all that matters. I made it for my great aunt once… Let’s just leave that here 😀 HAHA

The kid’s version is a little but more reasonable on the sizing. I cut a size 10/12 for my 12 year old nephew. It fits him great.

I also made my brother-in-law a set of pajamas, but I ran out of time before I could make the bottoms.


Lazy Day Pajamas

These were the easiest pajamas to sew. They are so cute on him. He thought that it was a dressy shirt and tried to convince someone – ANYONE – to take him out of the house, so that he could play! I made him the matching pants and they will be so cute matching their grandpi!

They love their pajamas and I love that they are happy. #winwin

Until Later,



5 thoughts on “I DEER you to Find Something Cuter

  1. Janna Roznos says:

    Oh my gosh! I saw this on PR! This is the most adorable picture. What a great idea to make matching pajamas. What a wonderful gift, and I bet you’ve started a new family tradition of sewing matching pjs every year from now on ;-). Seeing this picture brought back a lot of wonderful memories for me,since my grandmother every year would sew pj’s of all of us kids. After seeing your family, I’ve got to go dig thru the family pictures and find us in our matching pj’s! Have a wonderful holiday and Happy New Year.


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