Wrapped in Love!

Hello there!

How in the world did I make it over 25 years without so much as ONE single wrap dress in my wardrobe? SIGH.

I present to you my newest obsession…
Wrap dresses!


This is the Style Arc Kate wrap dress. It is so incredibly comfortable and easy to wear. After I got over the sinking feeling that the wind would blow my dress open, I learned to love the wrap dress. This dress is made from the new Joann Fabrics Nicole Miller line. I love it! It is soft and has great recovery.

My favorite feature about this wrap dress is the clear elastic around the neckline! No accidental boob sightings! I can shimmy ALL night. I’m going to incorporate this into my Wren dress for security around the neckline.

I think this is the best part about making your own clothing – discovering new favorites. As a pear shape, I tend to lean towards anything that’s fitted at the waist and I find that I get stuck in a cycle of sewing the same silhouette. Every once in a while, I’ll step out of my comfort zone.

Ok, story time. How did I stumble upon making my first one? My aunt asked my dad for a special dress for their sister. She sent me a photo of a wrap dress. UGH. I’ve never made one and I cannot send someone something that I don’t have. Hehe. So I went searching the internet for wrap dresses… and the rest is, as they say, history.


My dad convinced me to make 4 of his sisters dresses. I made two of them the Style Arc Lea dress and the other 2 Kate dresses. That dress is just as comfortable and enjoyable to wear. Don’t they look delighted in their dresses? I haven’t had the patience to cut my size in the Lea, but if and when I do, I’m gonna make it?!

What am I wearing?

Dress – Kate Dress by Style Arc
Shoes – Similar ones by Nine West
Earrings –  Bam! Pow! Ear Jacket Set by Bauble Bar

That’s all for now!


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