Sophie Swimsuit

Hi! Long time no post! I’ll review all the things I’ve made soon I’ve been moving.. Anyway, let’s talk about sewing a swimsuit. IT ISN’T AS DIFFICULT AS YOU THINK!  If you can wear one, you can make one. The journey to the perfect suit started one year ago.

My Steps to sewing my own swimwear

  1.  Last summer – I wanted to try out a swimsuit with 0 risk.
    The problem with this idea is that you need to always take a risk when sewing – or when ever you want to do something that you haven’t done before. I didn’t want to use underwire, I didn’t want to use swimwear elastic or foam cups – basically, I didn’t really want anything that was truly swimwear. I followed Heather’s hack on how to make the Nettie Bodysuit into a bikini.

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    Fabulous idea, if you don’t have a whole lotta bootay or heavy boobies. The first one I made didn’t have elastic in the seat, because I thought it was tight enough. HA. The second one I made was very successful – so much so that I used the top as a sports bra (prior to making my own real bra). After the second, I realized that a real  bikini pattern would be a good move.

  2. Then I got obsessed with underwear making
    This year, I said that I was going to sew things that would otherwise scare me. Jackets (done), underwear (done), jeans (ha), and lastly – a swimsuit. I  was so pleased when I learned that bras aren’t that difficut to make. After making two, I was like hey. If you just made a bra, can’t you make a really good swim top?

  3. Insert Sophie by Closet Case Patterns
    I was a pattern tester for this lovely design. I had never made a bra with underwire prior to making this. Neither have I ever used bra foam! The finished result was (and still is) AMAZING. I can honestly say that this bikini is one of my more prouder makes. If your sewing confidence is meh – make this. The amount of shear sew-jo is incredible. I’m making another soon and I will add it to this post once it is completed.

    Sophie bottoms with Sarah long line bralette by Ohhh LuLu

I made a swimsuit and so can you :-).

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