Apple Picking

I went apple picking for the first time this past weekend! Who would have thought that it would be such a rewarding experience? Initially, I complained about how much work this was and I was really wearing the wrong type of shoes. It was at that moment, I realized – I’m picking apples. In a dress that I made for the express purpose of picking apples! 

The journey to live the life I’ve dreamed of  my entire life is well on it’s way! The dream I’ve always had is so abstract that I can never totally describe it, but I can say that it 100% involves going places and doing things with people that I love. I don’t have to go anywhere abroad and spend lots of money to be happy. My dream also includes living that life in couture clothing! Good thing I can sew 😉

So let’s talk about this dress! (That is why you are here, right?)

Pattern: McCalls 7409

Fabric: tribal print from JoAnn Fabrics

I liked that this pattern fit right out of the package. It was super perfect through the apple picking. I know it’ll do well in the spring and summer! This dress is a winner!

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