I haven’t posted in so long, but that does not mean that I have not been up to creating! Let’s do a quick run down of some of the things I’ve made since I last posted. I’ll update everything on this list with a link to the post as I create the posts. I really needed to post this so that I’ll actually post on them! Enjoy!

Ginger Jeans

Dylan Onesie

MHC Caroline Dress

Ebony Shirt and Dress

Claire Coat

Kelly Jacket

Pulled back out my cricut

Maternity Kimono

Caroline Pajamas

Monetas, Myrtles, and Wrens (voting day, black and white checker, splatter paint)

Watson Bra and Bikini

Margo Skirt

100% draped kinda dress for my cousin

Doggie Jacket

Seamwork Brooklyn

Afro Punk outfits

Tulle Skirt for Josette

Sallie Dress

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