Welcome to Love, Miss Zuri B. This blog is a visual journal of Zuri Blackmon’s personal challenge to create a custom, carefully thought out, handmade wardrobe and curated lifestyle.


Zuri Blackmon has been sewing since 1996. In 2011, she rekindled her love of sewing with just one dress. She started making dresses for church and parties so that she would never have the same outfits as others. Soon, she realized that she could make most everything that she likes to wear.

In 2013, Zuri took a challenge to not buy any ready-to-wear (RTW) clothes. She is now obsessed with making every single thing she wears.

Knowing that every single thing in my closet was made just for me and made with love is probably the greatest joy that sewing has given me. I can never go back to mindlessly buying cheap pieces of cloth called “clothing”. I want to share the joy of living a curated lifestyle with any and everyone who is willing to listen.

Thank you for showing interest in my world!

You can find her on other parts of the internet here:

Twitter: @MissZuriB
Instagram: MissZuriB
Pinterest: pinterest.com/misszurib/
Facebook: facebook.com/MissZuriB
Flickr: flickr.com/photos/misszurib/


©2016 Zuri Blackmon

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